Welding products
Metal sheet products
Tubular products
Casting products
Forging products
Machining products

OEM Solutions

Besides selling normal products, we also make customer OEM products for our valued customers.

What we make?

From state of art manufacturing, computer-aided design, engineering and constant quality control, Qingdao JustRight ForkLift Part Co.,Ltd Develops many kinds of customer OEM products for manufacturers in USA, Europe, Japan. The diversity of our product mix gives us a vast wealth of manufacturing expertise and well-equipped manufacturing plants.

Our customer products includes:
●Welding products
●Metal sheet products
●Tubular products
●Casting products
●Forging products
●Machining products

How we make?

We’d like to hereby submit the illustration to you for explanation:


Why choosing us?

High quality results come from a planning and control system that pays attention to details. Tianwang Industrial is ISO-9001 certified and has the key processes available “In House” which assures consistent quality for the production of your parts and products.
Tianwang Industrial promises quality parts at a very competitive price. You can reduce at lease 20% of your cost than in your domestic factory.
Tianwang Industrial takes a product from design to raw material to finishing. We continue to be a dependable source that stands behind its work.

Qingdao JustRight ForkLift Part Co.,Ltd